The BEST CRMs For Your Hotel Business

CRMs are at the heart of great email marketing activities and are therefore in great demand by hotels who have a long list of past guests who are just waiting for you to reach out and build a great relationship. The long tail effect of investing in a great CRM for your hotel is more guests and higher profits.

How hospitality CRMs work

Specialized hospitality CRMs not only collate valuable guest data but they also take the ambiguity out of your marketing campaigns, enabling you to place the right content in front of the right guests, whether it be aimed at a business traveller or, family of 4.

Through your CRM system, you can track, manage, and enhance relationships with your guests throughout their journey life cycle, from inspiration through to advocacy, you can send the perfect message to garner a meaningful interaction, such as a great review, upsell or, repeat visit.

In this blog, we will be looking at the top hotel CRMs, which can be divided between the marketing & sales CRM softwares.

Marketing CRM Software

The leading marketing CRM softwares for hotels include Revinate, For-Sight by Forth, Guestfolio by Cendyn and Zdirect by Travelclick. Lets dive in, starting with Revinate.


Revinate will help you improve your hotel business by enabling you to know more about your guests. The information allows you to deliver personalized experiences that create valuable relationships and lifelong customers.

When well utilized Revinate is a machine that facilitates turning customers data into revenue through targeted promotion. Targeted and customized campaigns increase direct booking and guest engagement. It’s the perfect all-round solution for generating revenue and managing guest feedback.

For-Sight by Forth

For-Sight is a hotel CRM that works with your PMS provider to measure hotel ROI, automate marketing campaigns, manage data streams and develop guest relationships.

As a hotelier, you will optimize your data and marketing channels by laser targeting the bests guests and lookalike audience, and this is where For-Sight does a great job.

Guestfolio by Cendyn

Guestfolio by Cendyn CRM software combines guest data to give a single view, making it easy for you to centralise all your marketing efforts. Guestfolio puts all communications under one platform to ease information exchange and improve user experience.

Sales CRM Softwares

Sales CRM software for hotels deals with the relationships between brands that bring corporate and group business to a hotel in business to business (B2B) form. 

They give a comprehensive overview of the hotel business to keep everybody on a single page. The top sales CRMs for your hotel in 2022 include; Amadeus Advanced Delphi, Cendyn sales suite, Salesforce, Lanyon by Cvent, Quore, and Tripleseat.

Amadeus Advanced Delphi

Amadeus Advanced Delphi CRM software allows hotel staff to prospect mobile-friendly products. All the internal teams are provided with relevant information during events and catering.

Cendyn sales suite

This CRM software reduces the turnaround time to win more business. In addition, sales staff are equipped with the most recent information from all the groups.


Salesforce CRM software serves as your dominant sales CRM software. It entails an integrated and diverse selection of products, resource allocation to support business functions, and a common language when hiring new staff.

Lanyon by Cvent

Lanyon by Cvent CRM came after merging Lanyon and Cvent to develop software with powerful hotel features for meetings, groups, and conferences.


This sales CRM software allows interactions between sales and non-sales teams in your hotel business. Quore empowers the entire hotel team by providing relevant information across all sectors.


Tripleseat CRM software gives the sales manager mandate to control room blocks, end to end usability via sending proposals from management to room service, and extensive reporting.

CRM software should have excellent marketing information and automation tactics, customer experience, operations management, and a centralized profile database. 

CRM should ensure customer satisfaction at all levels to succeed in your hospitality business. Well, organized customer relationship management enables all employees to have the right tools to enhance the success of your hotel.


Each of the above solutions stands out from different perspectives. As an action, we recommend you begin to study deeply what matters most to your hotel, simplicity or segmentation? Data analytics or, managing upcoming stays? The list goes on..

Whichever way you go, we hope this list has been helpful – best of luck!