Case Study: increasing the effectiveness of social media through paid ads

Would you like to get a 400% return for a 40% increase in investment? You absolutely can and this case study will show you how.

The Swan Hotel located in the beautiful city of Wells, Somerset has recently made this approach integral to their social media strategy and so far the results speak for themselves.

The big mindset shift

All said & done, we may have taken about 16 hours a month to brainstorm, create and publish the hotels’ 16 pieces of social content. If hypothetically, this hourly rate worked out at £25 per hour, that would mean each month, the cost of production was £400.

Each month, The Swan was getting a reach of about 17k, meaning the ROI was 43 people reached per £1 invested and a proportional amount of lower funnel business results.

But what if you add to this a couple of hours to set up some ads?

All of a sudden, the cost of production goes up by 37.5% to £550 (+ 2 x £25 & £100 budget). But your return?

“For The Swan we got an additional 59k impressions in November, so, for a 38% increase in investment, we got a 401% increase in business results”

That means if there had been no paid media, the investment would have been 37.5% lower but the reach would have been a staggering 401% lower, in effect making our social media marketings impact almost 4X less effective.

Needless to say, we’re doubling down our efforts and we can’t wait to see what 12 months of compounded learning can do…

Can we send your social media efforts to the moon?

If there is anything we can help with, please pop us a message – we’d love to help, even if it’s as simple as a chat on the phone. 🙂