Let's increase your hotels' profitability

Hey, my names Jack and I run the operations here at Guest iQ. Me & the team are delighted to have you here and we look forward to supporting your hotels marketing


about this blog

The hospitality industry has been taking a battering. The rise of OTAs has seen potential profits line the pockets of Booking.com & others, instead of hotels. The commission rates have continued to rise, leeching the earnings of hotels across the globe, putting businesses at risk.

Then, 2020 hit and the industry was brought to it’s knees. During this time, OTAs continued to grow, which has painted a bleak future for hotels. But it doesn’t have to be this way.


“Great hotel marketing is not rocket science and there is no secret sauce. You can learn it”


This blog will show you how you can grow your direct bookings, increase service demand and build a raving community behind your hotel brand, kicking hotels out of the picture once and for all.

Maybe you plan on running marketing efforts yourself? Or, maybe you’d just like to know enough to be able to hire someone else to do the hotels marketing for you? Whatever the case, this blog will have something for you.

It’s time to take away the OTAs unfair advantage once and for all. So, lets get started ✔