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Hey, my names Jack & I run the blog here at Guest iQ. From my experience helping hotels with their paid advertising, if there is one thing I’ve learnt, it’s that most hotels’ leave a lot on the table, giving OTAs an unfair advantage.

My mission for this blog is that it can help you as the owner/marketer uncover new paid marketing ideas that increase your profitability.

So, lets get started ✔


about this blog

After working in a high-performance paid media marketing agency for many years, I had reached the conclusion that everyone involved in marketing knows all the tricks of the trade, whether it be building & reviewing a strategy or, following best practices in PPC.

When turning my attention to how hotels market themselves, I quickly got a wake-up call. I was very wrong in my assumption – many hotel groups and independent hotels simply don’t have the resource to learn everything they need to know, leading to a big disadvantage when compared with the OTAs and large chains.

Market factors have meant the cost to hire marketing specialists are rising every year. For example, a senior PPC specialist could cost you over £100k per year in London  – this simply isn’t an investment many hotels are able to make.

Does this mean the independent hotels days are numbered? After all, how can you compete with the £9 billion budgeted OTA goliaths?

I don’t think so. I firmly believe all hotels have the resources to succeed and outlive the OTAs. Yes, it does take effort and will likely require support but it is possible.

Here at the Guest iQ blog, me and the team will help you to demystify paid marketing, making the latest and greatest understandable to even the least tech-savvy person. Whether it be how to manage Google Hotel Ads or, how to increase your following with Facebook dark posts, we’re here to help you ensure your hard-earned investment produce an ROI.

So, I hope you’ll rise to the challenge and join us on this exciting adventure to greater profitability, let’s get started!